Travel day and thoughts

     Well today was a travel day to NM to get ready for the family Christmas so I was loaded down with a tree and lights and about 4 totes that I was told I couldn't look in, Hmmm my present in one of them maybe?
But anyway the road trip went nice as I left at about 3:45am so as to avoid all traffic in the berg of Phoenix, smooth sailing it was. I am glad I do not live there any more, it grew too fast and too big for my liking but there was always a ton of work there.

I did get to listen to a bunch of radio on the trip up and heard that the Dream Act failed, I'll bet Harry is a little ticked over his little pet project failing. This legislation brought out a lot of feelings on both sides and will continue to be a nasty debate for a long time to come. The other bill the Don't ask Don't tell passed and I am sure there will be up's and down's with it like everything else.

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