Banknotes to go electric?

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Banknotes go electric to outwit counterfeiters

21 December 2010 by Jon Evans

GOOD old-fashioned cash is to go down the electronic route, now that it is possible to stamp simple electronic circuits directly onto banknotes. Rest of the article
A group of German and Japanese  researchers seem to be working on electronics for paper money , think RFID here. Also think invasion of privacy. If you look at the bills in your wallet you will notice the phrase " This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private" Well what do you think will happen if this type of technology is introduced to our currency here?

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chinasyndrome said...

Oh its coming but I always figured it was gonna be like a debit card.They have to be a able to shut it off! Scott R was on pirate radio again President Soros,Shut off his Amero unit currency card immediately Security General Napolotano, shut off his family's too! We will not out up with his free thinking! Something like that maybe!



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