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     I was checking out the web today and looking for a few stocking stuffers and I wanted to center it with the hidden motive of killing two birds with one stone. I.E. giving a present that would have something to do with preparedness and be a gift as well. I have found that my boys have an innate curiosity with several of the first aid kits that I have stocked around in many places, my boys are in the stage where cuts and blood seem "cool" yeah and chicks dig scars or so I am told. Being Dad I have decided to see about getting the boys their own mini kits while preserving mine for real and more important needs. The kit shown in the picture ( click on for more detail ) has enough in it to keep their curiosity and the cost will not break the bank ($3.50) I have added a few extra band-aids also as it seems they are pretty popular. I have taken the opportunity with the boys when they get hurt from the minor scrapes and cuts to show them how to properly clean and disinfect them and then bandage them ( usually that band-aid ). I take away from the opportunity a moment for them to learn something useful that they will use for a good long time, I also have used it  to get them into a thinking frame of mind on how having certain supplies can be of importance in certain situations.

The link below is where I found the mini kit, other advanced kits are also available.


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