Oswego County Undersheriff: Forming a militia is illegal in NY

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Hannibal (WSYR-TV) - Oswego County's Undersheriff is telling a group of Hannibal residents to back off on the militia-talk. The group is in the early stages of forming something called the "Hannibal Militia," which held its first meeting on Friday.
I wonder if the Undersheriff is feeling like they might show him up or something ,  you would think that he would be appreciative of the help. 

Undersheriff Bob Lighthall was among those at the meeting, where he delivered a stern warning to the attendees that forming a militia is illegal.

Illegal my backside, I would love to hear a rebuttal from one of out founding fathers on this one. OK to use the term neighborhood watch but Militia is a no no. Scared of a word now are we, well tough get used to it and while your at it crack a book and do a little studying, wait that would be too easy i forgot common sense like Elvis has left the building.


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Anonymous said...

Everything is illegal in NY.


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