S510 Picture of the week

I think this bill might give a new meaning to the phrase Guerrilla

garden, coming soon to a backyard near you.

Other articles of the week: 
Senate Bill 510 information
"The Gun Is Civilization" by Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)
After America, There Is No Place To Go
Here we go, From the airports to the trains now
John Bolton thinking of a run for president?
S.510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Misc thoughts on the week



Rick in CO said...

How about a pic of the average joe growing a tomato plant in his backyard?

Scott R said...

Rick thanks for stopping By, I will work on the tomato pic.

chinasyndrome said...

Ha Ha a nice elderly gentleman surrounded by DHS ICE Swat.Hell wait a while the news will have that pic for us!


Scott R said...

Evening China, I am not sure the news has the Balls to pick it up but we will see it and a few others also. I think all this will come to a head when TPTB piss off the wrong person and he hits back and gets the party started. One spark to lite it off.


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