Here we go, From the airports to the trains now

     OK ladies and gentlemen here comes  more control for you, It has been suggested that the TSA style searches would be moving to other forms of transportation well it is happening. Commuters were searched earlier on PATCO trains between southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.

     Don't anybody say whats next as you will only encourage TPTB but I have a warning for them, sooner or later someone is going to take exception to these NAZI style tactics and there is gonna be a small, short and deadly firefight. These people in charge better get themselves a copy of that document we call the CONSTITUTION and read it..




Mayberry said...

Big Sis told us it was coming. Next the bus stations, then highway checkpoints. Dasvidania Komerade...

Scott R said...

Mayberry thanks for stopping by, I read some of the comments from the readers of the article and a lot of them were happy for it, the increased "security" was cited a lot. What a bunch of damn, dumb sheep we have become. This is just sickening.


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