Flag boy vindicated in a big way

     Cody Alicea the 13 year old boy who was asked to remove old glory from his bike is quickly approaching national hero status as a flood of calls to the school and support for his cause have reversed the idiotic decision. In addition they are now also looking in to the people who objected to and also threatened the boy, well now is that not what should have happened in the first place. Where the hell are we going in this country. I only wish I could resurrect a hero from our past, I know how he would fix this BULL$&!&.

FOX 40 story here


Mayberry said...

Heh. I'm surprised the PC crowd hasn't called for the burning of every John Wayne film ever made. Yeah, the Duke would have a thing or two to say about stuff today.

"If yer lookin' fer trouble, I'll be... glad to oblige ya!"

Scott said...

Yeah Mayberry he is someone I wish we could resurrect from the dead that's for sure, how do you argue with the Duke, we sure have lost our way as a society.

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