Stuck in my head

     You know you have a problem when you wake up in the morning earlier than you want to because of a weird dream, not weird because I dream but because of the subject matter. The TSA. 

     There are a lot of videos and still pictures that accentuate the issue, I think the one that has bothered me the most is the 3 year old going absolutely nuts at being searched, it is rather disturbing. Some will argue that it is a necessary evil, well it is evil all right and pretty sick too. People will say that the parents could have strapped a bomb to the child, well yes they could, and they have, and they will again. To me and a lot of other people we now have Government sanctioned, sponsored and executed sexual assault in our airports and the worst thing about it is in that the majority of people will go right along with it.It's for our safety. Horsepucky.  I have no idea how a parent could put their children through something like that, what are the long term psychological effects of something like this, I sure couldn't put my children through it.

     We have many challenges to face in the future, we will have more terrorist attacks, that is a fact, sooner or later the "B" team will be benched due to their continued failures to execute  their shoddy bombs. I wonder what new security procedures will be put into place when a car bomb explodes at the airport arrivals or departures section? Or worse when someone wearing an explosive vest detonates it in the security checkpoint area. Think about the consequences that would result in something like this happening? What do you do have the TSA come to your house and screen you there and then escort you to the airport? How realistic would that be.

     I am reminded of the quote from Mr. Franklin with respect to trading security for freedom, it all comes to a head and there is a point to where you have diminishing returns. Have you noticed how we always "need" some new law to protect us, how many thousands of laws are on the books to protect us? Who knows all of these laws and do you think that one new law will save us and protect us from evil. There will always be EVIL in any society with both heavily regulated laws and those with minimal or no laws at all. Regulating behavior with laws will only keep honest people honest, the rest will do what they want to and they will find ways to do it regardless.


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