What's in your fuel tank?

      What's in your fuel tank in your car? Full, 3/4, half, less? I know that in these time's we are in that fuel prices are high and they fluctuate as much as the wind blows but as the ever prepared person you are you  having a full tank sets you apart from from the masses. In actuality you might even go steps further and store fuel for those emergencies that do happen now and then, the point being is that you are prepared to use your vehicle to get out of an emergency.

      I have suggested in the past about having a place to go to when staying at your home is not an option. Having options in place before a crisis can save valuable time and cut down on stress. I like to stress having at least 3 locations that you can use in times of need. Examples could be a short range location 2 to 3 miles away for a small emergency. For a small town emergency A location 40 to 60 miles away works, you do not want to walk this far do you? Now for the big one say a regional or in my case a western state emergency you could look at a couple of hundred miles to leave a crisis, doing so on less than a full tank of gas could be dicey in the very least and one of the last things you want to be doing is lining up at a gas station for gas you may or may not be able to get by the time you get to the pumps.

Make a plan, have options, don't run with the herd.



chinasyndrome said...

Scott,good advice Bro!


Scott said...

Thanks for stopping bye China, I believe it is the little things that bite us in the backside the most, failure shouldn't be from the little things.

P.S. hey that wasn't you that beat up that poor TSA agent the other day at the airport was it.. he he he...

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