Fifth American Killed in Mexican Border City

Published November 03, 2010
| Associated Press

 CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- A U.S. university student died Wednesday from a shooting attack on a car in Ciudad Juarez, making him the fifth American slain in the violent border city in six days. Rest of article

Really? another kid killed just over the border in Mexico. I wonder what this is doing for tourism in Mexico? What is the economic impact as of late?

I have said it and I will say it again, if you do not have to go to the border much less Mexico why would you want to, especially in these areas that continue to have problems. Now not all border areas are under siege but that has been shown to change at any time. Bottom line, use your head, follow your gut and make decisions that make sense. SA up.


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What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

Can't understand why anyone would cross the border into Juarez. Don't people realize that these killers have escalated this from rival drug cartels, to cops, and now to outsiders just to show their power? It won't be long until they are crossing the border to intimidate us.


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