Turkey week and some cabin

      Well turkey day is growing close and I drove to NM last night for the family get together and to hammer out some details on the log cabin that is on going. This is great I have a nice warm fire going and internet, this is great..
 Oh did I mention also that we brought in the fridge and are in the middle of stocking it, Beer, check. Coke, Sprite, juice, Check. Big turkey and a ham, you betcha. Tons more scattered here and there.
 We also brought in the 6 burner stove and hooked it up to cook the turkey and sides, man this thing is heavy, that cast iron I tell ya... We broke it in with a can of pasta, the griddle part will cook us up some steaks tonight..
  Here are a few better shots of the dirt berming that we are doing, it is making a nice difference in the lower section, without heat it was 41 degree's inside and the outside temp was in the low 20's. It will be nice and toasty inside.
Yes I know the stove pipe you see is too short and crooked as hell but it is only temporary for the winter. We are going to try and get a little more outside work done but I doubt the weather will cooperate with us so we will most likely be concentrating on the inside.

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P.S. No groping or strip searching were performed during this 8hr movement. Too bad TSA.

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