What the He%$, are we this stupid

     It seems that there is a whole lot of doom and gloom out on the web, nothing new right? I know that some people out there have a little faith in the recent elections that took place in which the R's made major advancements. Now while they did take back the house and closed the gap in the senate I do not believe it was because they are loved,  but because the D's are just hated more at the moment and that includes a reflection on the current president and his policy's or lack of policy's depending on your views.

      Either way people are despondent, scared, mad, unemployed, violated, happy and any number of other things, My only question is what will happen with it. Call me a pessimist but I just do not see things getting any better any time soon, if anything I believe that we have not hit the bottom yet, yes we have not hit the bottom yet. Business are being forced to leave the country, jobs are still being lost ( you need to create approx 125,000 to 150,000 a month to keep up with new people coming into the job market ) Our Government is still spending as if there is no end to the money ( Is there when they can print as much as they want when they want? ) Or borrow billions from Asia, or sell assets to other countries ( GM to China ) again nothing new.

     What seems to bother me the most is the lack of moral fiber that seems to have washed over most of this country, it seems that most people just do not care in the least what is happening around them, heads buried in the sand comes to mind. We are presiding over our own decline and destruction and do so with an uncaring silent consent. There was a time when people looked out for one another, they cared for their fellow man, now we have people who do not even know their own neighbors but they sure know who won the last Dancing with the stars or who won American Idol. I have long thought that we have been riding the coattails of our previous generations and it seems to be biting us in our collective a&%es.


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