Prepology: Footing insulation and snow dusting

 Well as you can see the block changed color, actually it is an asphalt emulsion sealer that we are using. The reason we are using it is because this lower section will be partially bermed in with dirt adding to the insulation factor.
 Due to code the footings have to be insulated so we used 2" thick Styrofoam, it is glued down so the wind does not take it away during the night. Here very soon we will be adding the dirt to cover it all up. Also to be added is perforated pipe to carry away any water the would pool by the footings.
 We also installed a temporary stove on the first floor so we can keep a little heat in the cabin and still comfortably work inside. It is an Ashley model with an adjustable fan on the bottom. Used, free, works = great deal.

Well we also got our first snow/ hail/ dusting of the year, it is nice to look at but when you have outside work planned for the day it kinda changes your plans maybe.

The ground is still a little warm so the snow did not really stick at all, as a matter of fact as I am writing this it has mostly melted away and will be nothing more that mud that we will track everywhere.

******See the rest of the build here******

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