Thoughts on the election

     Well election wise it looks like the R's took quite a few house seats and not control the house, In addition it looks like they also took a bunch of Governor's houses and with redistricting coming up it should make things interesting. Now as for the Senate, The D's will retain control here but by a much smaller margin.

     So what do I believe we will see in the future, well I have no idea for certain but I think we have still not seen or hit rock bottom yet. We have many, many changes that need to be implemented to save our country. I have said that this one election only will not magically change our direction overnight. I only think we will only change course when we the people decide to change it, we need control of our spending both in this country and on what we spend outside as well. We can not continue to spend more than we take in, it is just not sustainable and not fair to our future generations that will have to pay the price. To me major portions of the entitlement class will have to be reeled in or eliminated in order to gain control of this countries finances. We have many problems that need to be addressed, we must pull our heads out of the sand so to speak or face certain defeat.


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