Egg and die?

ATLANTA – Authorities say a driver enraged because a 17-year-old boy egged his Mercedes on Halloween fatally shot the prankster in the neck and throat as he tried to run away.

Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones says the driver confronted the teen and fired 10 shots at him around 8 p.m. Sunday. The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office says the teen, Tivarus King, died as he was being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Jones says officers dispatched to the scene in northwest Atlanta spotted a gold Mercedes driving by and detained the driver. She says the suspect is being questioned by homicide investigators but has not yet been charged.

Damn it sure isn't like I remember it being back in the day. Now you get shot, I will admit that it was pretty dumb to egg the car but is did not warrant an execution by firing squad. I would say the only lesson here is respect for other peoples property and a little common sense.

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chinasyndrome said...

I understand being angry but come on shooting?



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