Glenn beck food storage links

     Due to the amount of people now looking for these links I will post them below along with a few extra that seem to be hot at the moment. Most are from the show that aired today.
Glenn Becks site:

Two other links that I will include that might be of interest to all the new people clicking through.

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Radio Bloger said...

A long time ago I was a fan of survival blog but far too much of the content I think will get more than a few killed with it’s less than optimum and often out of reach proposals.

And Beck is just a foolish tool, I hope the interview did not ruin the preparation movement.

Scott said...

Evening Radio, I too used to read SB every day and I will agree he is a flavor that I can't agree with for many aspects, I have found that most of the ideas presented there are out of reach for the common prepper and yes I do think that some of his editing is lacking from reality, I can only credit his site with the vast wealth of information but I have to keep in mind and take with a grain of salt some of the information.

As for Beck I have a big question mark for that guy and I think he has too many irons in the fire to be too focused on the prepping movement so in a way I am glad he didn't get too far into it today and screw it up. The one thing he did do though as a result was to generate a lot of searches by way of the guests he had out there and hopefully they will take it from there. Hopefully people will start looking on their own, I am just happy to see some of that traffic myself...

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