A former comptroller of the U.S. Government and his take on manufacturing

Save public sector jobs, bring back manufacturing

 By  Russell Creech

David M. Walker, former comptroller of the U.S. Government, "If there is no return of manufacturing jobs, there is no recovery."
Remember all those factory jobs outsourced to foreign companies by the millions for the past 20 years because of NAFTA, CAFTA, etc? They are (well, were) the key component to any economic recovery. Service sector jobs just cannot create enough taxable wealth, both corporate and individual, to replace the missing tax revenues from manufacturing.
I have echoed some of the thoughts of this article with respect to the desperate need to bring back manufacturing jobs to our economy. This country was built on our ability to manufacture items and it has had the result of making us one of the most prosperous countries ever. Our standard of living has been the envy of many countries in the world. We know that a strong manufacturing base is the sign of a strong economy, Sadly we are loosing ours. I agree that we can not rely on being a  service only economy, this is a support industry and not capable of employing all those who no longer work in manufacturing. 

In looking around the country it is clear to see how many building that now sit idle and vacant, those represent a lost job and a lost income. These closures did not happen overnight and they will not re-open overnight either, we have taken advantage of the plethora of cheap and readily available goods brought into this country and we are now reaping the whirlwind for our choices.


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