Cabin Update: 3RD Floor Bath

 Heavy concentration this week on the third floor, with emphasis on the bathroom. Today went well as we got the commode hooked up as well as the shower. Cold water is flowing to all the fixtures except for the vanity faucet, that should come tomorrow. Hot water is another matter as we are waiting on a delivery but that should be here in a day or two if UPS decides it is important that is.
 A different view, on the left side where the pex lines are we will be using T&G as well but I am going to hinge it so there is access to the plumbing.
 Also installed today was the wraparound for the tum as well as the plumbing, tomorrow we will use silicone to do some sealing and I will install the handles.
The door was also installed today and I just need to do a little tweeking on the reveal and it will be set. Off to the right below the outlets where the insulation is we will will put OSB and then start the counter and install the sink and back-splash. We are hoping to have a really good day and wrap up with trim and the only thing left to do will be the floor (EASY) and the decision needs to be made for the counter top tile ( we will be using concrete board for now )

As always if there are any questions or comments please feel free. Additional posts of this cabin build can be found here.

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What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

It's looking great!

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Really looking nice and coming along very well. Keep the pictures coming.

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