Bin Laden DEAD

Fox News is reporting that the US  Forces/ Ground troops have Killed Bin Laden and that we have the body and have DNA confirmed the results, OUTSTANDING.

Reports are that a predator drone ( conflicting statement, may have been a ground attack)- Verified Ground attack:  Verified NAVY SEALS: in Pakistan took him out with a missile/ Gunfire and that team took custody of the body for DNA testing and verification.

Sources have stated that he was killed just outside of Islamabad in a mansion just outside of a Pakistani military academy and that the CIA may have been involved as well. Confirmed:

Additional information as of this morning is that OBL has now been buried at sea, He now swims with the fishes, poor fish.

Travel warnings have also been issued do to the almost certain retaliation  from that will be generated from taking out OBL. While this terrorist is now dead physically he will likely become a martyr in the eyes of radical Islam and the result will be the continued intrusion into our rights for a "feel good safety"

One chapter has now been closed but the book surely is not, as we have seen before there is always someone else who will fill the shoes of the fallen.

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