Cabin Update: Ceiling, Bath And Misc

4 out of 6 bays are now done on the main ceiling and I gotta tell you that I am really getting tired of ceiling T&G, I don't normally complain but you just can't get at a comfortable height on the scaffolding to work comfortably so on that note no ceiling work for a while, it is nice to look at though, this pic is from a different angle from the third floor.
 This is some of the work from the third floor west bedroom, we are hoping to finish this up pretty soon so we can get on to other things.
 Something new for the week, we got started on the bathroom on the third floor, it will have a full shower and a huge vanity and yes it will have T&G as well.
 I had too throw this one in, someone who will remain nameless had to fill a void with expanding foam and they went a little overboard, I love the stuff but damn it makes a mess.
Something also new this week, WINDOWS, yeah no more screwing and unscrewing plywood to let in the light anymore, This really added a sense of getting things done to add the windows and of coarse it got windy as we installed them, go figure.

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Kriti said...

Scott - this is intriguing especially because I am also in the folds of building a new house - or rather re-modelling a built house. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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