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Video: NRCC hits Obama over small-business comments

I am quite sure many of you may have see this and or have heard about it by now, as a former business owner myself I know how hard it is and the sacrifice it takes and no one sure as hell helped me. It really ticks me off where the president can work up the gall and call people out like that especially when his private sector experience is less that a 10 year old selling kool aid on the street corner. Government produces nothing period, they consume what others make only, hell they cant run the mail, trains and soon to be healthcare, government is only funded by private business and the people by taxes, those taxes do not magically appear out of thin are they are created by hard work and it sure isn't government hard work.


Michael Patrick McCarty said...

I am still on slow burn over this, and I don't think I will get over it anytime soon. Too many years of working 7 days a week for someone to claim that it really doen't count for much. All the more reason to prep and prepare.

Thanks for the good work.


Healing Morning said...

Every single time I see this video clip, it burns my booty! Being self-employed and having had a couple of brick & mortar businesses over the years, HECK YES I DID BUILD THAT. I built it with blood, sweat, tears, determination, fears and prayers. And I paid/pay some painful taxes as a result of being self-employed. His comments insult the very foundation of our country, but this shouldn't surprise any of us. I've never seen that he supports this country, beyond it giving him the chance to tell us, regularly, that he IS the President. I'm not a fan.

- Dawn


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