Note To Self: Buy Spares

    The phrase " Two is One and One is None" came to haunt me the other day when in my haste I broke the gas cap to the STIHL chainsaw I was using. Needless to say I was a little concerned that I might run out of wood at night all because there was no spare. I will cut myself a little slack here because the chainsaw was not mine but still it is one of those moments where an expletive comes in. Well, long and short of it and a 40 mile round trip and $6 later we have a new cap and a running chainsaw and another spare ordered.

      A good lesson to also take away here is that we are very dependent, actually we take for granted that we can usually run off too the store to buy replacement X but what if we couldn't do that for any number of reasons? Why not have a few vital spares kept at home, there really is not a bad reason not to, yes cost might be an issue but consider this, do you think it will be any cheaper in the future? And if you know you are going to be using it some time in the future why not get ahead? Granted I know you can not have a spare for every little thing but It might be worthwhile to for the important things because you just never know.



JIM said...

lol I hear you,,,, We are always misplacing ( that is what my wife calls it) our lens caps. So now we keep extras

Good advise

Scott R said...

Jim, thanks for stopping by.

Me being the ADD space case I am I usually misplace just about everything as well so I gotta have some extras lying around.

Jhess said...

Just like Measure twice cut once.

Scott R said...


Yeah that's a good one as well and I won't tell you that I made that boo boo a few times this week as well...

Thanks for stopping by

BadVooDooDaddy said...

I agree we are far to dependent on being able to just run to the store every time we need something. There was a time that people fixed what they had that was broken. Or made due with something they already had. Excellent post. Glad I found your blog.

Scott R said...

BadVooDoo, you know we are in trouble when someone at the register can't even count your change back to you properly anymore, we have turned into that push button society and if that doesn't work we walk away and leave it as the next guy's problem. Our problem now is that no one wants to fix anything they just go out and buy a new one, A good handyman is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog.

Healing Morning said...

My Mom was a child raised during the Great Depression. As a result, we were raised to be very self-sufficient and we always had vegetable gardens, canned the produce we grew, and learned to stretch a dollar. To this day, anywhere I live, if there's not a pantry available, I make one out of the coat closet. I get antsy if I don't have back-ups of food staples, although most friends call it a packrat tendency. I've just learned over a lifetime that it pays to be prepared. When hard times hit - and they will and do - it's much easier to weather that rough patch knowing you have stocked up on essential items. For me, it's a habit.

With food prices increasing again, as you and I have recently discussed, I plan to get back to canning & dehydrating foods to save money. I live in an apartment, and can only do container gardening at the moment, so will have several varieties of tomatoes on my patio this year. I may try strawberries also. Canning will be done by purchasing from local farmer's markets. I'm looking forward to re-learning the whole canning process. :)

~ Dawn

Scott R said...

Dawn thanks for the wonderful story and thank you for stopping by. You are correct that hard times can and do happen either by nature or man made and having some supplies in reserve just makes too much sense, I am happy to hear that you are getting back into canning but we can for the security first ans the cost is not always cheaper, your time and effort is a cost in itself but it is well worth it when you need it. Again thank you for the comment.


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