Mini Cabin update 2/21

 For those that are following the cabin update we finally have a few pictures in. This is the main inside panel that will supply the house, A standard 200 amp 30 space non main breaker. We have started to pull in some of the wiring from the third floor and I have made some temp connections so we can have some power and light as there are no windows up there yet it gets a little dark. Not shown is the emergency panel that we will run a few dedicated circuits in, Fridge, Freezer and a few lights, this will most likely be a 30 or 60 amp panel but we have not decided on what size yet.
 We have also started on some of the framing on the 1st floor as well, the room on the left will be an entertainment room with a double door for access. the other door on the left will go to the mechanical room and 1st floor half bath.

This is the view of the Mechanical room and hall to the above mentioned bathroom, progress, slowly but surely. I gotta go cut some firewood so I can stay warm tonight, I might have a chance to get more up here later.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


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