Thoughts On The 2 U.S. High School Students Fatally Shot in Juarez Mexico

     This past weekend we had another round of murders across the border in Ciudad Juarez just across the border from the US city of El Paso. This is almost a daily occurrence in a city that is fueled by the ongoing drug cartel violence that is plaguing the city and the entire country, This time however it involved several teenagers and two of those being US citizens, High School kids.

     These two boys,  Carlos Mario Gonzalez Bermudez, 16 and Juan Carlos Echeverri, 15 were both students of Cathedral High School in El Paso A Catholic private school. Both boys and an additional teenager were killed while looking for a used car at a dealership on Saturday under a hail of gunfire.  At this time there are no suspects in custody, the investigation continues. The chances of finding and convicting the killers is slim though considering the number of murders that happen in the city (over 3000) last year alone resources are stretched thin.

     I am starting to see  a renewed calling to look at some form of legalizing certain types of drugs in this country under the assumption that it will reduce the violence in Mexico. by  Many are trying to draw a parallel between prohibition and how when it was abolished the problem ceased, Is this a possible solution? It will see a larger debate here in the future I believe do the the worsening violence in Mexico and by a lesser extent by the violence here in the US.



Liberal Stupidity said...

A Physical Fence along the entire border is needed. It will help stem the tide of illegal border crossings, which will help stem the tide of illegal drugs. The drug lords will be stuck with a bunch of worthless product, because of no access to big American money. It's not a complete solution, but it's where we need to start at least.

Scott R said...

Liberal Stupidity,

I actually live very close to the border (15 miles ) and we do have some fencing up here in the Yuma sector, the Tucson sector to the east of me has a problem with putting terrain where it is very hard to put fencing, also BP can't enter the national parks that are on the border, tied hands don't help but Cousin Janet N. of DHS says we are more secure then ever so I shouldn't worry, NOT.

Appreciate you stopping by


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