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     Egypt: So unless you have been in a hole for the last few weeks the people over in Egypt have decided they are done with their president H. Mubarak, well after 30 something years in office I think I would agree. From what I have seen on the sphere here is that there roughly 2 groups of people or 2 trains of thought going about.

#1 Being that everyone is so happy the people of Egypt are rid of their oppressive Government and that they can now move towards something better. Somewhat reminds me of when the Soviet Union dropped communism  and tried Democracy/ Capitalism, They are still trying to figure it out as of now.

#2 Being that many are worried about the power vacuum that now exists and who will fill it, will it be a Democratic or an Islamic form of Government? No one knows at this point but many other Governments are watching and waiting, what Government is chosen though will define the region for better or worse.

There are a few reasons why Egypt is such a strategic area, one being the Suez Canal, this is a vital trade route and if there are any disruptions ( Minor ones when the internet was shut down ) They can affect the global market and create shortages and increased prices that will hurt everyone. This is the plan and goal of the Muslim Brotherhood who is one contender to fill the power vacuum in the country. Another stated goal of the MB is the destruction of Israel as the country shares a border with the country, Currently the two countries have a peace treaty and the military is honoring it at this time but with new leadership comes new or disregarded foreign policy. Needless to say Israel is watching very closely the events that are unfolding.

USA:  Same stupidity different day it seems. The ATF is catching more heat by the day for the Project gunrunner episode where they apparently let firearms be taken into Mexico and where one was used to kill a Border Patrol Agent , Check out  http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/   Mike V. has been covering it along with David C. over at the http://waronguns.blogspot.com/ 

Unemployment dropped to what 9% but we only added around 36,000 jobs, Um I am going to call B/S on that one, we need in this country to add 120,000 to 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with the amount of new people coming into the job market so until we see huge numbers coming in every month that 9% means nothing, It really means nothing anyway as it does not count underemployed or those who have Quit looking, it is a feel good number and a flat out LIE.

I saw here the other day where a Congressman or a Senator said that not having a budget and the result would be congress shutting down might not be to bad of a thing, well I have to agree in a way that it would be good because then they couldn't spend and waste tax payer money but alas I woke up from that wonderful dream because the system is rigged in that they have to stay in business or the people will starve and die or not get their checks. Damn.

Cabin Update: We are working on electrical so there is not much to show but I will have enough to make a post of it here soon, we are going to try and pull the 2/0 wire today so if that happens ( Weather permitting  ) I will try and get some of the highlights up.

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