Murphy Cabin update

     For those of you following the cabin updates earlier in the week we were having a problem with the main wire pull ( Earlier Post ) We left off in the last post with digging up part of the run where I was pretty sure the problem was at, one of the 90° sweeps. Well near as I could tell we had partially melted the our pull line to the 90° sweep, something I have never had happen before, apparently my lube never made it to that 90° and the flat pull line we used didn't like it at all, I'll never use that type again that's for sure.

The camera is still MIA or I would have included a few pictures here but rest assured when we do I will get a few up for you. So with our main power feed now pulled in we terminated at both ends and turned on the main and let me tell you it is so nice to have power in here without having extensions cords every where, we even installed a few temp light switches for the temp lights, Finally something went right.



sweepyjean said...

Now I see what you meant on FB when you said this was a frustrating week! But it's amazing what can be done with a little know-how and ingenuity! Keep up the good work and be careful!

Scott R said...

Hi SweepyJean, yeah it has been a tough week but it did come together today so that's good and yes I will be careful, I am not 20 anymore and things hurt

Mayberry said...

Oh how I love pulling wire... Try snaking a cable from the bilge to the flybridge on a big sportfisherman once, you'll learn cuss words you never knew before, ha ha. Bigger does not mean easier, or more room...

Scott R said...

Hi Mayberry, yeah it was one of the most frustrating I have had in a long time. And I agree with ya bigger sometimes means worse. Thanks for stopping bye.

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