Detroit Offers Homes to Police and Firemen for $1,000

     So whats the catch you ask? Quite simply they have to move within the city limits to claim their refurbished new to you homes. Currently just a little over 50% of police and a larger amount of firemen live outside of the city. You have to wonder why they are not living in the city, is it a high city tax or is it maybe that Detroit is a little dangerous and the Cops and Firemen don't want their families living there.



Liberal Stupidity said...

I just wanted to let you know, that "THE MIDDLE AMERICAN" has somehow hacked your site, when your site fully loads, your site disappears, leaving only a link to their website.

Scott R said...

Liberal Stupidity, thanks for the heads up, the problem is a blog syndication script error that has failed me for the last time so I yanked it, It be working fine now, again thanks.

Liberal Stupidity said...

Your welcome.
btw, great site here!

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