An interesting article on multiculturalism

      Timothy N. Baldwin, JD. over at News with Views  has an article up on how multiculturalism doesn't work. 

      The article primarily deals with Great Brittan and Europe but it does touch on the US as well. Religion, Culture and Politics bring out the best in people and the also bring out the absolute worst as well. 

     Compromise is what many people bring up as a solution to the problem but in all honesty I just do not see it as being that easy, I have morals, values and culture that I will never give up and therefore someone will disagree with me and that is their right and I respect it but we will still be at an impasse in how to deal with it. 

     I am certain of one thing, I will be long dead and buried before a solution has come to pass.

     Your thoughts?


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Kriti said...

Multiculturalism has its pitfalls I know.... but there are wonders that one can do with it. I do marketing for SOuth Asians and it works like a charm for the businesses in question because they touch the emotional chords of a certain audience. We just hope and do whatever we can to make them keep the promise : ) Good post


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