Sunday Thoughts 2-6-2010

     Folks my brain has been leaking out my ear this past few days and getting anything productive out lately is just beyond me, my head just seems to be in too many places at once, I blame the AADD. I did have a chance to take a whirl around the electron world and see what is going on and we are no less sick as a species then we were yesterday.

Exclusive video of HPD beating of teen burglar

BY:  Wayne Dolcefino

Months after four Houston police officers were indicted following the violent videotaped arrest of a teenage suspect, we alone have the tape. 13 Undercover's Wayne Dolcefino obtained it exclusively on Wednesday night. on Thursday, the reaction was overwhelming -- not just over what's on the tape, but over how the mayor is reacting to it.
And how did the Mayor react to it?

But the video created another firestorm Thursday after the mayor declared Wednesday night the person who gave us the video should be prosecuted. More here
That's right folks the mayor is mad that there is a tape of the police involved in an assault and it was made public, there is a growing  trend to make it illegal to video tape law enforcement,  gee why is that? Are you tired of having to pay out millions of dollars  when the few bad apples decide to beat the snot out of someone, granted the kid is far from perfect but does it make you feel more like a man the kick someone when they are handcuffed and on the ground, yeah I'll bet it does. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think your just a coward with something to hide when as a public official you do not want a public servant in a public place to be under the same rules as up, whats that you always tell us civilians, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE?  

When you make a mistake own up to it not try and cover it up, you need to air your dirty laundry no matter the cost. Most big city police forces already have a PR nightmare already and when this type of thing happens it only makes both sides distrust each other even more, I could go on but why bother, we seem to be setting a trend here and history never repeats it's self, oh look AI is on.


Underground world hints at China's coming crisis

There, in the city's vast network of unused air defence bunkers, as many as a million people live in small, windowless rooms that rent for £30 to £50 a month, which is as much as many of the city's army of migrant labourers can afford. In a Beijing suburb, beneath one of the thousands of faceless residential tower blocks that have carpeted the city's peripheries in a decade-long building frenzy, one of Beijing's "bomb shelter hoteliers", as they are known, agrees to show us his wares. More here
Growing pains for China?  Something like that, I do find it a good use of the existing infrastructure but a little cramped for my style but with China growing and becoming a little more Capitalistic and in a sense Western I think this is just the small spattering of whats to come in the country. China is rapidly going from rural farming community to an urban manufacturing cityscape and they will endure all the problems many first world countries have gone through but it will be interesting to see how it works out for them considering the couple of billion people they have, if it works it works but if it fails you still have that couple of billion people that will need to do something....HMMM


SuperBowl Sunday Right?

Small bags are allowed, but will be searched, and jackets will be X-rayed.
Not allowed

Items fans can't bring into Cowboys Stadium:
Weapons, mace/pepper spray, fireworks
Camcorders, tripods, camera cases and binocular cases
Umbrellas, strollers
Grills, tents, poles, sticks
Banners, noisemakers, horns, beach balls, Frisbees, laser lights and pointers
Containers of any type, coolers of any size, backpacks
Bottles, cans, hairspray

Items fans can bring into Cowboys Stadium:
Small cameras and binoculars, but not camera cases and binocular cases
Small bags
Items purchased in Fan Plaza on Game Day
Source: NFL

As one one commenter put it, it only took 19 hijackers for 330 million Americans to loose their freedom.

All I can add to that is the following quote as to me it means more now then ever: 

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Ronald Reagan 100 today


Liberal Stupidity said...

I watched the Houston Police beatdown, that's just wrong! I'm thankful for all of the good cops out there, but these guys should never wear the badge or carry a gun again. Their right to carry should be revoked. Felony offense. A crazy cop is as dangerous as a crazy criminal.

Scott R said...

Liberal Stupidity,

Unfortunately there will always be that bottom 1% that are bad and make the whole force look worse, for as bad as it is though the mayors statement would only make things worse IMHO and set a worse precedent... bottom line here is that there needs to always be accountability or you have nothing.

Appreciate you stopping bye


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