Raising The Debt Ceiling?

     Well not if you go by what the voters want. 62%  in a recent poll at The Hill  say that we should not raise the Debt Limit past the $14.3 Trillion mark and I agree. The problem though is that if you do not raise the limit then you risk the possibility of a default or a revision of the AAA bond rating and that causes all sorts of problems that we do not want.

     With this issue coming to a head here soon the options include either raising the limit with spending cut strings involved or the debt limit not being raised and immediate spending cuts being used to forgo default.  I choose the latter due to the fact that like anything if you give an inch they take a mile and when it comes to the debt history tells all.

     I have a real issue with us having a debt in the first place, that's  $14.3 Trillion remember, can you imagine the interest on this debt?  Government like the people should live within their means and that does not mean taxing us to death or spending our money to study the mating habits worms in some unheard of country. Speaking of taxes while most people want to increase them on the rich who already pay most of the taxes we would do better to look at the 47% who pay little or no federal taxes whatsoever, but that's another debate entirely.

     For the readers here what are your opinions about the debt? If you have an idea or strategy please comment on it and we will see if a new post can be made out of it.



Bill Nye said...


It's all manipulated and shored up.


Scott R said...

Bill, yeah it manipulated and then some, not too sure what it's shored up with though.....lol

Yeah I like the banner as well I need to get it centered when I get a chance, I can't take credit for it though Radio Blogger came up with it so the kudos go to him.

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