Bug Out Bag (Lite)

     I had a reader here recently ask me what were some of the things to kept in a bug out bag, it is ever changing but here are some of the basics:

  • Water ( also include water purification tablets, or a good water filter )
  • Snacks, munchies, power bars, granola, even a few MRE's ( meals ready to eat )
  • Communications, AM/FM radio, Spare cell phone ( even an older disconnected one will still dial 911 )
  • 2 flashlights.... 2 is one and one is none, have a backup ( make one a wind up type, no batteries needed )
  • Warm clothing, A change of clothes goes a long way to a little comfort
  • Raincoat ( a small tarp comes in handy too and does double duty )
  • A small first aid kit
  • Strike anywhere matches ( add a zip lock to keep them in and also for some dry tinder )
  • Spare medications that you might be on ( rotate these so they don't go bad )
  • Length of rope ( a million and one uses )
  • Spare glasses if necessary
  • A spare hidden debit card with a small amount of money on it or some cash
  • Spare ID or other important documents that can be hidden
     Bear in mind that no 1 kit will ever be the same, they vary wildly due to location, preference, season and many other reasons.

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JIM said...

good info .. never would have thought about windup flashlight. I started following you

Anonymous said...

"2 is one and one is none" I love that phrase and it can almost apply to anything. This level of preparedness is so hard core! Awesome.

Scott R said...

Jim, I like the wind ups for very short durations events due to their being on the fragile side, they are convenient thought due to not needing batteries, to me it is a backup.

Scott R said...

sweepyjean, I really like that quote as well but I can't take claim for it but it has served me well and it is a way we should all be, I always try to have a spare and if I don't it drives me crazy.

Thanks for stopping by Sweepy.


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