Top 5 Survival Skills Review

     First I appreciate those who commented on the previous article on what Your Top 5 Survival Skills would be when the SHTF. Please keep in mind that there is no one perfect list that will fit everyone or every situation.

     Many people like to depend gadgets and gear and while they are very helpful and make many things easier I believe that we are now far too dependent on them. Gadgets and gear are really great for the short term and the novice but for longer natural and man-made disasters you will need skills that you just can't buy off the shelf. The following list are what some of the readers of this blog have contributed.

  • Water purification methods
  • Fire making 
  • Shelter
  • Food preservation
  • Emotional skills, ways to stay calm and rational ( If you can't think then how can you function? )
  • Building or repairing without power 
  • Hunting skills 
  • Marksmanship/ Security and being able to defend yourself and your family
  • Medical training 
  • Navigation
     The above list while very basic can be expanded upon to fit ones needs or situation. I would again like to thank those who contributed to the list, each contributor is a blog writer in their own right that you may or may not know and not all are in the survival field so if you have a chance please give them a visit.

American Apocalypse
Enemy of the state
  • Mr.B and his sites
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Anna L. Walls said...

Very good list Scott. thanks. Check out my blog - while I may have many of the more modern luxuries, survival is what we do here - sorta.

BadVooDooDaddy said...

Great list. I too believe that we need skills more than we need gear. It is important that we stay self sufficient. Its a good list to follow to get started in prepping.

Scott R said...

Hi Anna,

I will give the people of Alaska extra points, especially those in the bush, you really have to be on your game there.

Thanks for stopping by Anna.

Anonymous said...

Love the list, love this blog, and thanks for the shout out!


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