Radiation plume makes it to California, And?

     The awaited low level radiation that has been expected to reach the US west coast today has been picked up in a few locations, Sacramento being one. The levels though remain well below anything considered hazardous, keep in mind though that radiation decays over time and the levels released from Japan were not all that high yet. This does not mean that we are in the clear yet as there is still no final resolution at the damaged reactors in Japan, could it get worse? Yes. Could it get better? Yes. The bottom line is that this is an ongoing incident that will have both human and political ramifications for a long time to come.

     Here in the US there has been a run on Iodine pills that block the radiation absorption in the thyroid. Is it fear mongering, Hype or a good idea to have the pills? Each and every one of us needs to answer that in their own way and do what the feel is right for them and their family.   


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BadVooDooDaddy said...

I don't think that we will see levels high enough to do any damage. I think that people are spreading fear so that they can sell something in this slow economy. If Japan were to have all four reactors melt down at the same time then there might be some reason to run out and get iodine pills but that has not happened yet.

Scott R said...


You are most likely correct that we will not get anything lethal, but I will watch the situation like a hawk until it is over. Profiteers will always take advantage unfortunately. I think the political fallout will be far worse than the actual fallout.

Thanks for the Comment BVDD

Jhess said...

I don't think the radiation will be a problem, but don't worry if it is a problem the Feds will let us know when it's to late. :)

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