Communications During Civil Unrest or Riots

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     We know here from recent events such as in Egypt, Iran, China and other countries that they will clamp down on electronic communications when they feel it is going against them. With the explosion in the last 20 years of several types of personal communications devices Governments have sought ways to limit the flow of information both going out or in. It used to be that news papers, radio and television were our main forms of information and they were either owned or tightly controlled and regulated by the Government.  With the advent of cell phones, Blackberry, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and text messaging the grip of Government censorship has been lessened to some extent and we are now able to see things that are happening worldwide that we couldn't before. Governments though are working hard  to increase their control of censorship on these new information outlets, recent efforts can be seen such as in Egypt where they are trying to shut them down to stem the tide of riots in the country.

     Now how does this translate into anything that might affect you here in this country? Well call me crazy but  we from time to time have our own riots here, not too often but we do have them and they can be nasty, ugly, deadly and generally someplace you don't want to be. I also have no doubt that our own Government has taken under advisement the pro's and con's of shutting down communications during times of unrest, we currently have an ongoing debate about the internet kill switch, but my gut feeling says they are looking further then that. One case in point that I think they will site was the rash of "flash mobs" created by twitter account users that created mini on-site riots and general mayhem.

      We here in the US and other countries have become very dependent of our wireless toys as forms of communications to the point of where we might compare not having them to drug and alcohol withdrawal, I know from my personal standpoint that I go nuts when I can't plug in and I am sure some of you might have the same issue. Having a good flow of information regardless is very important and you should always have some sort of a backup, some options include AM/FM radio, Ham, CB, Multiband Scanner anything to keep you in the loop during a disturbance. Information can be a powerful thing, it can tell you whats coming or where a problem is and help you in deciding where you want to be during that. Another benefit of having some type of non government controlled communications can the the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, food for thought.

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Bill Nye said...

Hold on to your socks it's going to be a rough ride.

Scott R said...

That's an understatement, I think once we get started here we will make everything else look like a Sunday School picnic.

Thanks for stopping by

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

We have been picking up CB, VHF for all family members, and at least a short wave receiver. I'm working on a neighborhood Wi-Fi network. Not sure about Ham radio as you must have a government Lic.
Check out this site

Scott R said...

Adventures thanks for stopping by I believe one can never have enough radio gear that's for sure, getting a ham ticket is a lot easier now that they dropped the Morse Code requirement. Also you can own and listen with ham gear but you can't transmit unless it is an emergency without your license, so I would still get the equipment for future use. I like the idea of the WiFI that has some good advantages.

Scott R said...

Edited to add is a good site that I have been to before.

Jessica M said...

I feel it's up to the people to keep the government in check about these kinds of things. If freedoms are taken away, that's largely due to the apathetic citizens who don't vote and don't raise their voices against the wrongs let alone open their newspapers to read about them.

Wait..maybe not people still read them? Rather..log into the drudgeport ;)

Scott R said...

Thank you for stopping by and you are 100% correct, we do give our rights and freedoms away by our inaction's. and there is no excuse for it at all.

valutakurser said...

Our failure to act 'is only the side of the problem, many have become more inclined to vote for and approve everything just being mentioned the word terrorist. And those fears are being exploited at the worst of our governments worldwide.

Scott R said...

Valutakurser, I think I understand what your trying to say and your right, most people vote their fears and not what is sound and all too often it is not whats best and then there are those moments where it is turned against you, Voting a government more power is never the answer as it has, and will only restrict you.

Thank you for stopping by, your comment is greatly appreciated, along with everyone Else's.


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