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 Bill over at The Elected  Retards ( please go visit him ) asked about an update on the cabin work-site that I have been doing and Unfortunately I have not had a chance lately to get further work done at the moment, that should continue in about 2 weeks so I will keep you updated, what I have here today are a few pics of the cabin during it's manufacture at the factory.

 Each log cabin is first built on site and then taken apart for delivery to the final construction location.
 All logs are full scribe and saddle notch construction so they fit together pretty tight, I am talking playing card can't push through tight.
 Here is the construction of the end walls, they are done on the ground due to the height.
 Nice clean logs in this picture.
 These are what the logs look like now after they sat for over a year and a half, we will be sand blasting then when we are ready to bring back some of the color and then they will be sealed.
 Here is a close up of the color and these were some of the last wall logs to go up.
And here is a pic showing where those last wall logs will be going.
 This pic gives an overall showing of it all coming together.
We were toying around and trying to get a window and door layout decided on and we are still not sure what we will be doing.

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Bill Nye said...


Scott R said...

No problem Bill, we are going to be doing more inside work when I get back up there it is no where near as dramatic as logs or BCI joists going up but we will try to make it interesting.


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