New Jersey Wants to Seize Your Unused Gift Cards

By: AP
New Jersey isn't giving up its effort to seize unused money on gift cards and traveler's checks
Lawmakers voted last year to allow the seizure of cards after two to three years as a way to raise about $80 million and help balance the state's budget.
But in November, a federal judge temporarily struck down the law.
The Record of Bergen County reports the state isn't giving up though. State treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff has told a judge that the state will appeal the earlier ruling.
New Jersey Retail Merchants Association, the New Jersey Food Council and filed suits to block the law.
Lawmakers vote to seize funds that do not belong to them, REALLY. As one commenter stated whats next for the thieves in office, come in to my house and steal the change from my change jar because it has bee there for a few years? People this kind of nonsense has to stop, if people are too slow or are too dumb to spend a card in a certain amount of their damn business not the Governments. I know morals are out the door it seems these days but it just galls me that a legislative body can think that after some period of time they can lay claim to something to pay for their screw-ups. Here is a hint for those of you in office it's called a budget you know don't spend more than you take in and with respect to what you do spend seeing as how it's not your money how about spending is wisely, is that such a foreign concept...

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