CBO Says Social Security Is Broke, No Kidding

      So the Congressional Budget Office said on Wednesday that our Social Security program is going to start running deficits here real quick, like NOW. How does this sound, we are going to be paying out 45 BILLION more this year then we are collecting and we are expected to run completely dry 2037. I smell a problem brewing.

     Social Security is a failure and to me a flawed concept in the first place that is too susceptible to the changes of age demographics, inflation and thieves that raid it in Government. When initially envisioned and implemented you could expect at most to collect a year or two if you made it to retirement age at all, those times have changed to the point to where you will collect  for over 10 to 20 years. This is a level that can not be maintained  as has been seen from almost the start of the program but largely ignored.

     Good intentions may have been the goal of this program but people are now starting to realize that it may be impossible to maintain it in it's existing form if at all, I for one consider it no more than an elaborate PONZI  scheme that due to my age I guarantee I will loose out on but that's not the point. I feel I am responsible for my retirement plan and I want the opportunity to finance in ways that I feel will keep up with inflation and not be at the whims of someones decision.

     Why is the Issue of Social Security important, Simple it's your money that you are giving away every day you work that you may or may not get back, I have no doubt in my mind I will never see a dime. I in a heartbeat would sign a piece of paper from the Government saying I will never apply for SS and in return not have to pay into the system but the chances of that happening are next to nil as they need my money now to pay for a hundred things not related to SS.

     So what are the alternatives to SS, well none that I know of at the moment unless you want to totally drop off the grid but that is something most people can't or won't do. What I will suggest though especially if you are young it to plan like it does not even exist, I would just put it out of your mind and make your own plan to fund your golden years and if I am wrong then you get a bonus.


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