Weighing the public's right to speak

Weighing the public's right to speak

By Steve Bousquet, Times Columnist

Believe it or not, taxpayers have no legal right to speak at public meetings in Florida.  More here.
Oh so were back in the old days where kids are to be seen but not heard huh.  Let me get this right, Public funds being used for public projects minus any input from the PUBLIC!! This kinda sounds like a thug dictatorship to me, you know shut up, sit there and we will tell you whats best for you, kinda reminds me of some of our other government agencies and their regulatory end-run's.  It does appear though that this will be coming under review and maybe overturned and I sure hope so because when you take peoples voice you leave them only a few options, Submission,  political action or rebellion, Take your pick each one has already happened. This thing in Florida is but one little test case and I am sure it is being watched higher up to feel the people out and see how far it could be pushed, I have no doubts that there are a whole lot of other councils and ruling bodies that would love to go about their business without the pesky, annoying, taxpaying public involved to speak up.



Mayberry said...

They do get annoyed when us mundanes interfere with their profiteering. Around here they have "open" meetings, but go into closed door "executive session" when dealing with anything of real substance. Like how they're gonna divvy up the contract kick backs...

Scott R said...

yeah they are devious little bastards too good for us. That just gives me more reason to retreat to my 20 acres and drop out..

Thanks for stopping by Mayberry

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