Sunday 1/9/11 Thoughts and Review

     With respects to this there is very little I will say about this tragedy other then it is a time to mourn and wait for the investigation to run it's course, so many times in the immediate aftermath of such an event there is far too much speculation, mis-information and flat out unknowns to form a proper opinion or direct blame. I myself have already spoken before facts were complete and made mistakes so I will wait for the dust to settle so to speak before further comment.
     The US Border Patrol is not without controversy this week as well as they were involved in a shooting of their own along the border in Nogales Arizona that resulted in a Mexican national teenager being shot and killed during a suspected drug run and subsequent rock throwing. This as drug related violence in Mexico heats up more and more each day with no end in sight this will only put more pressure on American law enforcement with fears of it spilling over in to American streets.

   The Border Patrol was also caught in  a more embarrassing and shameful event  where it is alleged that they removed American flags from the border and threw them in a pile on the ground, if so this truly is a travesty and I could not condone it in any way shape or form. 

     Also in the State of Arizona this week we have a State Rep elect raising the issue of a state supervised militia to help on the border and you can bet that has people spinning in their thoughts but the state has been screaming for years for the Feds to do more to control the border, where this goes who knows.

     The state of Maryland postal system was the target of a yet unknown person or group this week also with several crude devices injuring postal workers, the devices were addressed to some high ranking officials so look for some new mail restrictions to come down the pike in the future.  For my 2 cents I would much rather have the US postal department disbanded as well as Amtrack and let the private sector take over as they would do a better job and for less cost.
      It would seem that we might have an issue with cotton and that would effect a great many things, Cotton is only one of the commodities that has gone up lately and we are sure to see more as demand increases. I have also reported about recent theft's of other commodities 
Also take into consideration the with the passing of the recent food protection bill I would expect to see prices rise in addition to what they already have.

Final thoughts

     Folks there is a lot of news out there and lots of things going both good and bad but try to not get too caught up in all of it, pick your battles because if you get into too much of whats out there you could easily get overwhelmed and loose focus of whats really important, your family. Take care of them first and don't sweat the small stuff, keep your eye on the important things and turn your SA up a notch or two because the world is  getting to be a little more than just strange.

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