Border Patrol shooting in Nogales Arizona... UPDATE

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*** IF you are looking for info on the Feb 2nd shooting of the 2 US students in Juarez please go here.   

     The US border patrol was involved in a shooting today in Nogales,  Arizona.  The FBI is on site and investigating, it is not know who initiated the the shooting or if there have been any injuries. The city of Nogales on the Mexican side of the border has been plagued with drug violence and is a major corridor that is being fought over by cartels in the area. Nogales is also a major route for the human smuggling trade and with Tucson just to the north used as a distribution point for the rest of the US. 

     Ladies and Gentlemen I have stated it the past that if you do not have any business near the US/ Mexican border I would advise you not to be near it at this point. Travel to these locations is at your risk and why bother if you don't have to, especially the Tucson sector. If you must go to these areas then it would be well advised that stay alert and use caution, you should practice that anyway but under the circumstances more so.
Further news it the border patrol shooting, At this point there are no injured parties from either side from the shooting. As reported at this time the whole incident involves an attempt of drug smuggling that was intercepted, Rocks were thrown at the agent and at that time they returned fire with handguns. Lesson of the day, don't bring a rock to a gun fight.

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Jhess said...

Great post, more people have to become aware of the situation that is going on at our border. I wrote a very popular post on my blog about the very same thing check it out

Scott R said...

James thanks for stopping by, the current situation on the border unfortunately is just that a border problem that affects s smaller amount of people for some issues and therefore it is not on most peoples radar.

I will catch that article, looks good.

Anonymous said...

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