Deficit commission’s Simpson calls US seniors the ‘greediest generation’

Deficit commission’s Simpson calls US seniors the ‘greediest generation’

By David Edwards

 Wyoming Republican Alan Simpson has a pretty low opinion of the people that have paid into Social Security all their lives and now need something back.
It's not the first time Simpson's comments about Social Security have raised eyebrows. In an August email, he described the program as a "milk cow with 310 million tits!" Read more here.

 First of Mr. Simpson you sorry son of a bitch if you and your fellow Republicans and Democrats would get your damn hands out of the social security fund we would have a lot less problems, granted social security should never have been implemented in the first place due to the face that you eventually have more payouts then deposits and it does not include rates of inflation but the biggest problem it that you won't leave it the hell alone. I am far from collecting SS and I know without the shadow of a doubt that I will never see a dime of the money I have paid in and neither will a lot of other people but your sorry backside will be long dead and buried ( natural causes ) before I retire so I guess you will get away with it. 

I wonder how it feels to sit up in that powerful chair of yours and look down on us little people who actually work for a living and screw us in front of God and everyone and do it with a straight face. Prick, every single one of you.
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Bustednuckles said...

I don't know about anyone else but I didn't see anything other than a few examples of the Peoples English and rather mild at that.

I have been screaming obscenities into the ether for many years now at these rotten sonsabitches, swing by, I'll show ya how to really get after it.


Scott R said...

Busted Thanks for stopping by, yes you have a way with the words that should be enshrined, Mine are a little more tame as My daughter reads the blog and chews my ass if I let too loose but I do get riled up from time to time. You are far more eloquent though :)


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