Log Cabin Recap Plus A Few Additional Pics V2

 This is what the project should look like when completed.
 Forms for the footings going in.
 Some of the plumbing going in.
 Footings are in and the the inside is filled and prepped for the in floor radiant heating.
 Same location different angle.
 First coarse of block going in, also done so that the slab could be poured.
 Here we have the insulation and the rebar and wire going in, the radiant heating tubing goes right on the rebar and is zip tied to it, there is 1000' of 1/2 tubing divided into 3 zones.
 The slab pour in progress.
 Snow break.
 Block going up.
 More Block.
 Here are the Logs that will go up, the rabbits have really enjoyed this temporary housing.
This is where we are at this point, we have moved the work inside for now due to the weather.

More of this cabin build can be found here



Mayberry said...

Sweet. Except for that snow part : )

Miera Nadhirah said...

wow.... building your own cabin.. how fascinating... I am so impressed.... wish we can do that here... =(

Roy Durham said...

snow in yuma what are you up to scott:)

Bill Nye said...


I have to hand it to you!!! Great job!! This is not a simple project by any means, it is a very complex build for a residential home.

You should be very proud of your accomplishment!!

Radio Bloger said...

Nice progression pictures, so what was the reason for the lower cinderblock and earth berm? Warmth?

How about a new banner?



Scott R said...


Thanks it has at times been Frustrating but it's getting there and the snow does screw it up but we'll get there.


Appreciate the compliments it has been a fun project to work on, there are a ton of pics in the updates section in the upper nav bar.


Thanks and your right it was far from simple, it would have been a lot easier without all the red tape, I will be happy when it gets done but I see that as a good 6 months away.

Hi Radio,

well Radio the lower cinder block section is a bit of a SNAFU, it was supposed to be a walk out but some people could not get the concept of the elevation and were too worried about it being a walk up and out, they ate their words later but the plan is as you see it now, berm for added warmth and super insulation, logs suck for insulation purposes especially if you keep them naked and do not add an interior wall, these logs will generate an R10 to R17 at best so we wanted to create a super insulated area that we could exchange air with..

Appreciate the 2 logos you sent I am checking them out now, My ADHD gets in the way of my thoughts so often I could never come up with something as nice, Again thank you Radio


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