Thoughts On The State Of The Union, Anybody?

Well folks we have the State of the Union coming up here in a little while, does anyone have any thoughts on what might be in it and what will not? That said and done do you think anything will really matter?

I am thinking not and that tomorrow will be just another day, I just do not see any earth shattering revelations coming out of it, maybe a little early campaigning but that's about it, oh and maybe something and the economy and jobs but who knows.



Jhess said...

If you see President Obama talk about raising the age of Social Security you know this is not a B.S. State of The Union. We need real cuts in Military, Medicare and raise the age of Social Security that will fix all our problems. Plus if we roll back the tax breaks for the "top two percent" I think we will be looking really good. Although what I just wrote might be hard to swallow you can't deny the fact that it would work.

Great Blog Scott I love coming back.

James H.

Scott R said...

James I would love to see him address raising the age on Social Security, it should have happened years ago as it was never designed to payout for 20 years after you retired, it needs to adapt to our lifespan, it needs other modifications as well but this would help. Personally I would like the option to opt out completely and fund my own retirement as I see fit so I could factor in inflation and other issues. On the taxing for the 2% that might be one way of doing it but I would also like to look at the issue of the 50% of people that do not pay any taxes at all, I would hate to rely on just the upper group of taxpayers because all they do is pass it down the line as most are business owners who would just raise there prices or in the case of the Luxury tax they buy from outside of the country or not buy at all and in that case we lost revenue. By and large though I do not think we have a revenue problem, I think we have spending problem in some of the areas you have mentioned, some entitlements are an issue also and one of the state problems that has been cropping up are the pensions and that is where I will agree Chris Christy is going after. Something is going to have to give that's for sure and I think everything will have to be put on the table and evaluated.

Thanks for stopping by James

Mayberry said...

So you like your money being stolen, never to be returned? Quit listening to those retard radioheads. ABOLISH socialist "security" and return funds to thos from whom it was stolen...

Scott R said...

Hi Mayberry Thanks for stopping by, I mentioned I would like to opt out but I don't see TPTB ever letting us anytime soon, I hate the concept of SS but it is what we are stuck with right now, I don't see anything drastic coming of it anytime soon only little pieces here and there as no one really wants to tackle it.


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