APNewsBreak: Mexico plans immigration shake-up

APNewsBreak: Mexico plans immigration shake-up

 Published January 02, 2011| Associated Press

Mexico plans a shake-up of its corruption-ridden immigration institute, officials said, after a year that saw some of the worst atrocities against illegal migrants trekking through the country — including the mass slaughter of 72 Central and South Americans trying to reach the United States.

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 Yes this is the Government of Mexico saying this, that they will do better wile they criticize the US as being racist and violating human rights, I do not even know where to start with these pukes, I really don't. I so can't wait for the people of south America so finally say enough is enough with respect to their governments and put them out of power and put their houses in order, I know it might be a long time coming but sooner or later something has to give right? 


chinasyndrome said...

Scott,U.S. is not the only Country that needs a Revolution!If their own Countries were better they wouldn't have to flood ours straining our already overloaded economy! Disclaimer for LIBERALS no problem with legal immigration just illegal!


Scott R said...

Morning China, Yes I am all for legal immigration to but it has to be an assimilated immigration or it it nothing but country transfer and you change then what the country is, I want this country to stay on top and not be watered down to other countries levels.


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