Guest Post From Teenager D on Her Take on Survival

Today I have a guest post from a teenager in high school, A girl too with thoughts on survival.

Written by D

“SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”  How many have you have heard that before? I can guarantee that at least ¾ of you have heard it.

The saying has been around  for awhile, but the practice has been used even longer. Animals have a way of surviving even in the harshest of areas for basically before the beginning of time. This is because the strongest of the animals dominate and get rid of the weaker ones so that the species can keep going.

The saying “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” can also be applied to modern human life and preparing for the future. Ok, so let’s break this saying into two parts: “SURVIVAL” and “FITTEST”.

Let’s start with “SURVIVAL”:

    Survival means “the continuation of life”.

Surviving in the future means preparing now. To prepare now means to have provisions such as water. Food. Shelter, and a way to escape if necessary.

Now lets go on the “FITTEST”:

    Fittest means “the most well off or the strongest”.

In this case the fittest person would be the one with the most provisions for the future as well as health.

So if we combine “SURVIVAL” and “FITTEST”, we get “the continuation of life through the most resources and/or strength and health”. in other words the saying means being prepared for whatever happens in the future. Being the most prepared means having a few necessities. Those necessities are food, water, shelter, and a way to escape if necessary. Also fire is recommended if you can make it without being detected.

You need food that won’t go bad.  Also your shelter needs to be somewhere close to a food source or where there is plenty of animals and plants that are edible. Water is another necessity. Water can mean a variety of things like  unopened bottled water, or a clean running water source such as a well or a river or stream. The next necessity is shelter. Your shelter should be close to a clean water source, a good food source, and in an area up high (if possible so that you can see what goes on without being seen and also it needs to be big enough so that you can store all your supplies in it as well as yourself and anyone with you). The last thing you need is a way to escape if you had to. It is sometimes necessary to be able escape because if unforeseeable events. The best escape route is one that allows you to be the most hidden.

Depending on where you are and what the weather and temperature are like, fire might be an absolute necessity. Fire provides heat, light, and comfort. Fire is a dead giveaway if you are trying to hide, so make it as little as possible and  as smokeless as possible.

So to sum it all up “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” means being the most prepared through preparation and planning. And even thought the saying has been around awhile and the practice has been around even longer, the term can be applied to modern day things such as preparing for the future.



Bill Nye said...


Great job!! Thank you for sharing with us.

Scott R said...

D Here,

Thank you Bill for reading my article. It means a lot to know that people will actually read something a teenager wrote without judging.


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