U.S. crop stockpile thins as weather and demand drive prices

U.S. crop stockpile thins as weather and demand drive prices

WASHINGTON | Wed Jan 12, 2011

(Reuters) - The United States, long the breadbasket to the world, is expected to confirm on Wednesday that its grain stockpiles are the lowest in years, darkening hopes for any quick relief from surging global food prices. Read more.
     So long and short here prices are up and will continue to go up due to bad weather,  Increasing demand and Theft. We could also throw in the fact that we pay farmers to not farm but that's a whole different story for another time.
      Grains and corn are in just about everything we eat or they are what our livestock eat but the cycle still comes back to us having less and that means we pay more. The article is optimistic that production is going to ramp up to increase supply and that may be all good and well but I have a sneaking suspicion that the pricing will somehow stay high. Funny how that works out huh.

     I would implore anyone who has the capability and space to give serious consideration to a garden of some type as an addition to your food stocks. Granted there is still food out there to buy but why not take the opportunity to learn and experiment now before you have to depend on it, I also realize it is winter and this is not an option for many people but you can always do some experimenting indoors. 


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