Crescent City Connection blockade lawsuit in federal court comes to an end

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Crescent City Connection blockade lawsuit in federal court comes to an end

By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune 

A federal judge has thrown out all remaining constitutional claims in a lawsuit against Gretna and Jefferson Parish law enforcement agencies for their decision to block stranded people from walking across the Crescent City Connection to the unflooded West Bank after Hurricane Katrina. Rest of the story here.
You all remember the major Cluster F&%$ that happened down in New Orleans a few years ago? Well some of the last lawsuits have been going through with respect to the incident on the bridge where law enforcement denied entry to high and dry ground. Right, Wrong, Ugly or Whatever your thoughts are on the subject it only stresses a point I have made in the past and that is you and you alone are responsible for your safety and life. The words "To protest and serve" are just that, words!  When the feces hits the fan such as in this case I would hope that you would be long gone out of the affected area and not have to endure what happened throughout the whole ordeal, one heck of a lot of things went down the wrong way in that catastrophe and that means normal rules do not apply and under those circumstances you need to do what you have to when you have to in order to survive.
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