Incendiary or mail bomb go off in Maryland, Terrorism?

     Government buildings were the target of two small incendiary/ bomb devices today, one addressed to the governor of Maryland, at this time only 5 minor injuries are reported. The first to go off was in the department of transportation building and the second and more interesting of the two happened in the Jeffrey building that houses the offices of the Maryland Secretary of State and the Maryland Office of Homeland Security this was also where the Governor's mail is sent.

     Investigations are ongoing  and it will be interesting who if anyone gets nabbed  for the attempt. I do wonder though if this was just someones first attempt as it was not very effective or another false flag event or if it was the B team again of our good friends Al-Qaeda. Time will tell but it still reinforces the fact that we are now in a time where we have to pay more attention to our surroundings and situations. We must still keep a sense of our freedom and not go overboard  to the point of a police state mentality, then again some would argue we are well on our way.


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