Farm Theft on the rise

'Farm cop' sees growth of agricultural crime in California's Central Valley

It's not even 11 a.m., and Jordan Whaley's dashboard radio has been crackling all morning with crimes newly committed: crops pilfered, gas siphoned, copper wire stolen. Read the rest.
I would expect that with this new year we will be seeing more of these types of thefts as long as our economy remains in the tank. I would expect farm thefts to increase a whole lot more because I just do not see the economy getting much better anytime soon, keep in mind that we took years to get into this mess and it will take years to get out of it also, but first we must take the steps to get out of it and I do not see a lot of steps heading in that direction. 

Farms are a big, open and inviting target, they are not something that you can just hide and to pay for security would add up very quickly. Now these are usually large farms that are getting hit but if you are a small scale farmer like the prepper you are then you have a little more control over your area due to it's smaller size, usually you can see your whole operation from the back door.  With small scale farming operations you sometimes have the ability to fence your area in, this helps keep out both the 2 and 4 legged pests that can plague your garden. Having animals such a dog that has learned it's territory can be beneficial, Just the sight of a dog will turn some people away or at the very least alert you that something is not right. 

All in all protecting what is yours is something that we will all have to watch now and in the future especially as more people get desperate and decide to not follow the rules anymore. 

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