World is almost sold out of cotton, ICAC reports

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World is almost sold out of cotton, ICAC reports

Farm Press Editorial Staff

  • World cotton prices have set two records since the beginning of the 2010-11 marketing year on Aug. 1.
  • Unusually low stocks, adverse weather conditions and recovering demand in the world's developing economies have created a perfect storm in the cotton markets.
  • The result is a situation in which much of the world's once-available stocks of cotton have now been committed, according to the International Cotton Advisory Committee.
Seems you can't turn your head without some commodity raising in price and it is not a I would expect to see reverse it's self any time soon. Increased global demand on just about every product you can think of will drive up cost and reduce inventory, simple economics. Cotton is in many of our clothing products as well as other household products so expect to see pricing rise. One alternative to take advantage of with respect to clothing it to hit all the Reuse, Goodwill, Hospice, consignment stores and take advantage of good clothing for pennies on the dollar, So what if someone wore it before you that's what the washing machine is for, save your money for more important things.


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